Boutique Nightclub & Lounge


Fearless and festive, or sophisticated and sexy. You choose your party pleasure at Ink Charleston. How about a night on the dance floor with rushes of continuous champagne trains, sparkling chaos; or maybe an elegant rendezvous with your faves. Upon arrival your uniqueness will be matched by ours. Fanciful, electric and indulgent, our decor and your experience.

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If it’s excitement you’re after, our one of a kind boutique South-Beach inspired Nightclub is your speed. Our atmosphere is simply electric. Guaranteed to have you wrapped around our pretty party finger!

Bottle service provides a luxurious experience for all VIPs. Our exclusive sections are strategically placed to where each has its own unique vibe. From sipping cognac to popping elegant bottles of champagne. We have a section that will surely fit your discerning needs. For our VIPs, only the most extravagant, wildest, and exceptional bottle presentations will do.

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VIP Tables

VIP Reservations: (646)522-8917


It’s actually really simple! Just click the “BOOK HERE” button

We understand party size changes and we will do our best to work with you, but please don’t show up with 12 people for a 6-person section. If you have 14 for a 12-person section, we may be able to accommodate but cannot make any guarantees.

A minimum spend simply means your tab must reach “X” amount during the course of your reservation. These minimums are non-negotiable. 

We’re glad you asked ! That’s all preference .. but here’s a short rundown.

The Main Level is the first floor of INK this area is highly desirable due to its spacious & separated booths overlooking the dance & bar area !

Mezzanine: If you’re looking to entertain a high-end client or just looking to party in an intimate setting The Mez never disappoints ! This Mez overlooks the main-level VIP & Bar. The Perks : Private Entrance, Security & Restroom. 

Champagne Lounge: Bubbly makes you happy and social ! So, we’ve designed the Champagne Lounge to allow you to party with the best-of-the-best!